Houdini 6.02 Wins Ruy Lopez 3…g6 Tournament

  1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 g6    [C60]

frist time this position played in  1867 Loyd,Samuel – From,Martin Severin Paris Congrès International  — Mackenzie,G H- Steinitz,William International Masters London , 1883, and Lasker played  3….g6 in 1889,pillsbury 1893 & …  nowaday Mamedyarov,S played this move.
We test this chess opening with 10 chess engines in round robin tournament.  Houdini 6.02 wins this ruy lopez tournament .SugaR N 1.1 came in second without lose a game. Komodo 13.02 became third with 12 point.

PC Hardware : CPU Intel 4790 , 4Core  , 8GB DDR3   1333 MHZ
Fritz 16 GUI ,Hash Size 512 MB for 4 Thread ,Blitz 5m+3s

download ruy lopez 3…g6 engines tournament

download SugaR N 1.1