SugaR Chess Engines Tournament


We test latest version SugaR chess engine released this 17 days ago with name SugaR RC2 in a engines tournament with 4 top chess engines ,Deep Shredder 13,Ethereal 11,Houdini 6.02,SugaR RC2 in round robin tournament with 8 cycle. in this tournament Houdini 6.02 Became a champion. SugaR win 8 game and lose 1 and 15 draw.

PC Hardware , CPU Intel 4790 4 Core 8 Thread , 8GB  DDR 3  1333 MHZ,
Windows 10 64 bit, Fritz 16 GUI , Hash Size 768 MB for 6 Thread – Blitz time 8+3
Book stinger.ctg  up to 6 Move
Sugar chess Engines tournament PGN Games
Download SugaR RC2 


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